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Sample Engagement: Asset Management Operations

The Client Director of Technology Infrastructure
International Imaging Company
The Situation After a recent reorganization, the company had consolidated all technology management for its US operations in a single business unit. Multiple processes existed throughout the company for the acquisition, deployment, maintenance and replacement of technology equipment.
The Challenge Develop a single, "cradle to grave" process for acquiring PC, server and network equipment, deploying and tracking these IT assets, maintaining and supporting them, and strategically replacing them at the end of their viable life cycle, along with implementing the technology to support the process.
What We Did The DCL Group examined the multiple, existing processes that had been in place in the individual business units throughout the corporation. Working with the management team, a single unified process was developed, along with the supporting organizational structure and procedures. Technology in support of the process was reviewed to develop an integrated approach to managing the associated processes.
How We Did It Interviews were held with the various staff that had been supporting the business units. Existing processes were documented; issues, gaps and needs were identified.

An "end-state" asset management process was recommended and presented to management.

A plan was mapped out for moving from the current processes to the defined "end-state". A strategy was developed for introducing the processes into the corporate culture with active participation from key constituencies throughout the company.

Based on this plan and strategy, procedures, workflow, templates, forms, were defined. Existing support technology (help desk software, asset management tracking software) was reviewed and a technology plan was developed. Additional technology was selected and integrated in support of the processes. Processes, procedures and technology were implemented.
The Results Sound asset management practices and procedures have reduced ongoing support costs, resulted in improved pricing for new technology acquisitions and improved customer service and satisfaction within the corporation.

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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