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Sample Engagement: Business Continuity Planning

The Client Senior Partner, IT Operations Consulting Firm
Chief Information Officer, Leading Pharmacovigilance Company
The Situation A leading pharmacovigilance firm, with offices in the US, UK and Australia had begun providing outsourced operations processing to a major pharmaceutical company in coordination with a software/telecommunications provider. This major client required the development of a business continuity plan for these services that would provide assurances that this company could provide continuity in a disaster that would comply with their heavily regulated reporting requirements.

Before the DCL Group's involvement, the client had rejected previously submitted plans as inadequate. The client demanded that a new, comprehensive plan be delivered in a four week timeframe.
The Challenge Develop a detailed business continuity plan in an accelerated time frame that was specific to this particular client, but could be expanded for both internal use and for other clients.
What We Did In a four-week period, a full business continuity plan was developed. The plan provided an overall corporate response to a disaster and detailed the procedures that would be taken to continue the specific client's service in an acceptable time frame during a disaster situation.
How We Did It The DCL Group interviewed key personel in company management, information technology, and client support services. All pertinent "Standard Operating Procedures" of the company were analyzed.

A structure for an overall disaster response was recommended - including an organization, staff roles and responsibilities, and response time tables.

Working with the IT and business operations areas, as well as other outsourced providers, individual applications and processes were identified and criticality levels were assigned.

Detailed continuity plans and procedures were documented for each area. This included both short and long term business procedures, establishment of alternate site disaster plans, and specific disaster and recovery scenarios. Also incorporated were technical disaster recovery steps, and plans for the re-establishment of normal business operations and processing after the disaster recovery.
The Results The plan was completed on time and within budget. The company's major client was well pleased with the effort and the results of the plan and indicated that all of its objectives were achieved.

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