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Sample Engagement: Project Cost / Benefit Analysis

The Client Chief Technology Officer
Leading Electronic Payment Company
The Situation The company's billing systems and procedures had grown increasingly complex over time. The operation reached a point where inordinate efforts were required to complete processing and settlement. To meet client demands and address ongoing sales opportunities, the company required a significant reduction in the time needed to provide client billing information. From a technical perspective, this had sparked debate as to the appropriate platform. Strategically, the company was looking at a significant overall technology transition, while tactically these concerns had to be addressed in the short term.
The Challenge Management needed to determine the most appropriate approach to address their immediate short-term need, while staying consistent with their long term technology strategy. The final solution would need to be acceptable to the technology, financial and operational management teams.
What We Did The DCL Group performed feasibility and cost/benefit analyses of several alternative solutions -- looking at both the short and long term financial, business and technology plans to propose a final solution that was appropriate and acceptable to all of the management teams.
How We Did It A high level systems analysis was performed of the various applications and technology platforms that impacted the billing procedure. The analysis proceeded with the support and input of the responsible technology teams.

Interviews were held with various levels of management in technology, sales and operations to determine the tangible and intangible impacts, benefits and costs of varying potential solutions.

A final analysis examined multiple viable scenarios, comparing costs and benefits (both tangible and intangible) as well as the impacts and relationship to both short term and strategic business and technology plans.

A core team of senior management was engaged for three one-hour sessions to review findings and reach a consensus.
The Results The DCL Group gave management a clear picture of short and long term financial, business and technology impacts and costs. As a result, a consensus was reached among the management teams and subsequent implementation plans were established. The chosen solution is expected to address all of the client's operational issues at a current cost savings of $248K over alternative scenarios, while positioning them for their future strategic IT direction.

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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