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Sample Engagement:

The Client Executive Director
Non-Profit Organization
The Situation This long established volunteer-based organization had entered a period of rapid expansion and desired to establish more effective communications with its clients and volunteers. The organization also sought a more polished image with potential funding sources and with the general public.
The Challenge The organization wanted to develop an independent web site that would establish its new image to the public and achieve three critical purposes:
  • As a marketing and outreach vehicle, provide information to potential volunteers and donors
  • For its clients, provide accessible and meaningful information and support
  • For its existing volunteers and staff, provide a mechanism for staying informed, communicating and supporting their endeavors on behalf of the organization
What We Did The DCL Group designed, developed and implemented a web site that achieved the goals of the organization.
How We Did It An initial meeting was held to orient the DCL Group to the organization. This meeting with the Executive Director, staff and representatives of the board of directors served to identify the organizations goals, as well as the style and image they were trying to display.

An initial design prototype was developed to establish the look and feel of the site. A site map was developed to determine the content and flow of the site.

The DCL Group worked with the organization's staff and board to identify and develop appropriate content.

A focus group of volunteers, clients and staff piloted the first version of the site and made suggestions for refinements.

Refinements were incorporated and the web site "went live".
The Results The site has enhanced the organization's "capture" rate for new volunteers and provides a means for support of existing volunteers and clients through a unique suite of content.

In addition, the organization is able to refer potential donors to the site for more information and to use the site for reciprocal arrangements with donors and other non-profit agencies serving the same community.

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The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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