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IT Alignment with Business Strategy

• IT Governance

• Technology Plan. & Project Selection

• Application Assessment




Our Services: IT Alignment With Business Strategy

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We believe that a company's Information Technology investment should be cost effective and be aligned with a company's business goals and objectives.

All IT Projects are, in fact, business projects and ought to have a business rationale from the outset. Their success or failure ought to be charted either in financial terms or as a contribution to the business strategic plan.
-- Gartner Group

IT Governance
IT Governance is the methodology by which information technology efforts are aligned with the business strategy of a company. Our services involve establishing a structure and discipline jointly between IT and the customer/user of its IT services. We help you establish the methodology, processes and procedures

•     for categorizing projects and systems changes relative to resource availability and requirements

•     by which the users of IT services effectively request systems projects and changes

•     with which IT and the business jointly prioritize discretionary systems projects and changes considering company goals and strategy; costs, benefits and return on investment; company image and operational necessity

Strategic Technology Planning & Project Selection Services
How do you decide which projects "get done?" Our planning and project selection services assist you in the development of

•     long range or strategic (2 to 3 year horizon) technology plans

•     tactical (6 months to 1 year horizon) plans including resource planning

•     specific project plans

helping you select those projects that will achieve the most benefits and that are in line with the company's business strategy and goals

Application Assessment & Optimization
Are you getting the maximum of return on your already invested IT $$? Our Technology Assessment and Optimization Services

•     evaluate your current technology and the degree to which your business users of IT are optimizing its features and functionality

•     determine the degree to which your business users of IT have developed the appropriate processes and workflow to integrate the technology into the business

•     assist you in using your existing technology to its fullest potential

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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