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IT Alignment with Business Strategy

• IT Governance

• Technology Plan. & Project Selection

• Application Assessment




Strategic Technology Planning and Project Selection

How do you decide which projects "get done?"

Do you consider the financial impacts of the project?

  • Are you doing the projects that will achieve the most benefits?

  • How do you identify what benefits are possible? And at what cost?

  • Do you know all the costs? What is the total ongoing cost of ownership?

Are you doing projects that are in line with your business strategy and goals?

The DCL Group will work with you to develop strategic or annual technology plans that make sense for your company. At the same time, we will help you establish a process for ongoing technology planning that allows you to select the "right" projects --- and gain consensus about these choices throughout your various business units.

During a planning process, you need to understand:

  • the current and longer term goals of your business

  • the IT infrastructure that is currently in place as well as planned for the future

  • the full capabilities of the existing applications

  • the costs and benefits of proposed projects

  • the resource requirements to both implement and maintain those projects

Once these things are known, you need to understand how to evaluate the proposed projects against each other in a way that makes sense for your business -- only then can you develop an effective technology plan in support of the company.

To better understand how The DCL Group has helped our clients address these issues, please examine our sample engagements.

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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