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Software Packages

Streamlined Package Selection

The DCL Group can streamline your selection of packaged vendor technology solutions. We have no allegiance to any particular vendor, so we are able to help you evaluate the available choices on their individual merits and on their ability to meet your needs.

If you bring your company's needs, requirements, problems and constraints, The DCL Group brings:

  • the methodology to help you hone down to a short list of vendors as rapidly as possible

  • the facilitation skills to gain consensus on goals and objectives across the various decision-making constituencies in your company

  • a baseline knowledge of business and technical requirements

  • a formalized processes and criteria for application selection

Chart Showing Package Selection Paradigm

Here is what happens:

  • The DCL Group gathers your unique requirements and then facilitates work sessions to finalize and gain consensus about the business requirements and their relative value

  • A short list of vendors is rapidly identified, and a Request for Proposal (RFP) is prepared and distributed

  • Vendors respond to the RFP and provide demonstrations (Vendor responses and representations can ultimately be incorporated in the vendor's contract)

  • The business case for implementation is developed with a detailed cost/benefit analysis that uncovers all the costs involved - to help you make the most informed decision possible

  • The DCL Group facilitates the software selection and confirmation, works with you to plan for the implementation, and supports your negotiations with the application vendor

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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