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Website Design and Development

Your company's presence on the web is a vital form of business communication. Your customers expect to find you there. So do your employees, suppliers, and other constituencies.

Even if your business has nothing to do with e-commerce, people will turn to your website for vital information about you and your operations. And, far more than most communication media, your web presence is a vivid reflection of the style and personality of your organization.

None of this means that you have to spend an extraordinary amount of money to have a web site that dazzles with high-end technology or state of the art multi-media displays.

It does suggest that you carefully consider what you would like your web presence to say about you and your company, and take the necessary steps to realize this vision.

The DCL Group will work with you to formulate a winning website strategy. Then we will realize your vision by designing and developing a site which is uniquely yours. Your web site will reflect your image, your aesthetic - your customers will recognize you. You'll effectively convey your message and your business identity.

Let us show you what we mean. Look in our sample engagements to see case studies describing our web development work, along with links to websites we've developed.

For a more detailed view of how we approach our web projects, read our article on Planning Your Website's Goals and Objectives.

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