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IT Organization Assessment

Is your IT staff organized for maximum effectiveness? Are the appropriate controls and disciplines implemented for your business?

Do you know what your people are working on? If you were told to reduce your staff tomorrow, would you know how to do that effectively? Do you know what the impacts would be on specific projects? On your service levels?

If your business was poised to expand rapidly, would you know how to grow your organization to effectively meet the challenges ahead?

Do you have the right resources for the job at hand? Which skill sets should you have on staff? Which should you contract as needed?

As your business evolves, your IT organization needs to evolve too.

  • Sometimes that means implementing or improving disciplines such as project management or change control.

  • Sometimes that means retraining and transitioning the skill sets of your staff.

  • Sometimes that means having enough information about staff skills and current assignments to be able to make effective decisions.

The DCL Group can help you assess and organize your IT organization to become a "performance machine."

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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