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IT Organization Management & Assessment

• IT Organization Assessment

• Outsourcing
Vendor Evaluation

• Project Mgt.

• IT Asset Management

• IT Financial Control

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Continuity Planning



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Our Services: IT Organization Management & Assessment

The DCL Group provides knowledge transfer to your staff. We believe that successful Information Technology requires an informed staff to maintain and use IT to achieve available benefits to their fullest extent.

IT Organization Assessment
We can help your IT organization transition with your business. The DCL Group will assess the current state of your IT organization relative to your business needs, determine the desired state of an effective IT organization, and develop a transitional plan that addresses staff hiring development and retention.

Outsourcing Vendor Evaluation
Using our industry knowledge and experience, The DCL Group can assist you in

•     evaluating IT vendor outsourcing alternatives against business requirements and selecting the most appropriate choice

•     determining service level requirements for new and existing vendors and assessing the vendor's performance

•     negotiating vendor contracts and implementing the outsourced service

1973 MV Augusta Motorcycle Project Management Training
Good project management is critical to the successful implementation of any project. The DCL Group can provide project management training that is appropriate to the needs of your organization.

IT Asset Management
Your company makes a significant investment in technology - software , PCs, servers, networks. The DCL Group can assist you to develop, implement and maintain the processes, procedures and software to effectively manage your IT assets.

IT Financial Control
The DCL Group can help you more effectively manage the accounting of your IT expenditures. We can help you

•    understand and evaluate your IT choices more effectively with cost of ownership and cost/benefit analyses

•    instill accountability across lines of business or departments by establishing chargeback and passthrough accounting

Business Continuity Planning
Planning for the continuity of business in the wake of a disaster is not just about technology disaster recovery, and it has become a much higher priority at most companies. Business Continuity Planning is about how your company reacts during a disaster, how it protects its resources (its people, its information and its property), and how it resumes normal business operations afterwards. The DCL Group can work with you to develop an effective plan that is appropriate to your business.

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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