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IT Asset Management

You invest significant amounts of money in your IT assets -- PCs, servers, laptops, network equipment. Let The DCL Group help you manage your investment.

A comprehensive asset management process provides:

  • an inventory of technology equipment assets with sufficient information about each asset as is required to meet the needs of the organization

  • the ability to maintain an ongoing record of additions and changes to the asset inventory

  • a process for establishing technology asset standards with a regularly scheduled review process

  • a process for the regular upgrade/replacement of technology assets

Why manage your technology assets?

  • Financial benefits:

    • the ability to make the appropriate purchase or lease decisions
    • the ability to accurately track and report on asset depreciation (for purchased equipment) and to dispose of leased equipment on a timely basis
    • effective cost management through improved leverage of equipment maintenance contracts and contract negotiations
    • the information needed to chargeback equipment to departments or cost centers for greater control of technology spending

  • Strategic planning for technology:

    • at the outset of any technology project, there is ready access to a record of the existing technology in the company
    • the ongoing avoidance of equipment obsolescence and the ability to more readily integrate application upgrades and new technology

  • Improved internal IT Support:

    • Help desk and customer support staff are able to maintain a record of the technology in the field giving them more information that improves their ability to respond to questions and dispatch the appropriate technical support to correct problems

The DCL Group has been recognized by clients for achieving very significant reductions in IT asset expendatures and for establishing protocols which will help to insure that these efficiencies will be maintained for years to come. For more information, please see our sample engagements.

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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