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IT Financial Control

You need to manage your IT costs. The DCL Group can help you look at your IT costs more effectively.

Cost / benefit analysis and cost of ownership: Whether you're thinking of making a technology investment or trying to understand what your existing technology is costing you / doing for you, we can help you understand the full picture.

When you implement an IT application, the software costs are only the beginning. You need to understand:

  • the peripheral expenditures you may need to make in order to implement it

  • the ongoing carrying costs

  • the associated implementation and support costs

Then, how do you know what value you may be able to derive from it? Can you quantify that value?

Only when you know the full picture, can you effectively evaluate the value of the software to your business and make appropriate decisions.

Business Unit Allocations: One way to keep control of your IT costs is to make sure that every area of your business has some accountability. By allocating even your distributed processing costs across your business units, you can begin to control costs by managing spending habits.

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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